Does anyone else have this problem? My Turkish Angora, Prissy, does this every time I'm trying to do something. Doesn't matter if it's the computer or crochet...she has to be there. Her daughter, Tipper, is just as bad. It's really frustrating when they do their tag-team act. LOL White cat fur in the face, between you and whatever you're trying to do!!!!! WHY! The other 2 don't do that, thank goodness. I'd never get anything done. Why just them? O NO....here she comes again. Bye!

Oh BTW...my family got me a new camera for Christmas. Works great. My old one died several weeks ago. Thank you family. I think it was my daughters' idea so I'd stop asking her to take pictures for me.

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Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I love your big white fluffy furry cat! It's gorgeous!!

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