Recharge Your Battery!

We all need a "pick-me-up" from time to time and here is a quick and easy solution.  Massage peppermint oil on your temples and wrists!  Aromatherapy studies show the scent cues your brain to wake up and focus.  Another benefit - you'll smell good too!  To find essential oils check with your local health food stores or online Amazon.com.



DIY Ice Packs

Forget about paying big bucks for ice packs ever again. It's easy to do and anyone with a Ziploc Bag and some cheap dish soap can make them by the dozens if you like.

DIY Ice Pack Recipe
1.    Select Ziploc Bag size of Choice (double or triple bag to protect against leaks)
2.    LOTS of cheap Dish Soap
3.    Load up the Ziploc about 1/2 – 3/4 full. Close, re-bag a couple of times squishing out the air each time and freeze.

Being frugal, you can do the same thing with Ziploc Containers for your food. Just fill a Ziploc bag pretty full and fit into a Ziploc Container.  You could seal shut with a few drops of Super Glue to ensure no leakage.

Thanks to Attention Deal Shoppers for this great tip.
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