Kitty Litter Cake!

I'm a cat lover and I also like silly, unusual things so I had to share this.  This is a Kitty Litter Cake and you can find out how to make it by checking out this site... KITTY LITTER CAKE


5 New Uses for Milk!

As a child our mother always told us to drink our milk. As adults the doctors are always telling us we need more calcium. Milk’s not only good for you but here are 5 uses for milk that you might not have thought of.

1. Stain Pretreater
No use crying over spilled…wine. If you dribble some red on a shirt or dress, submerge the soiled part in whole milk, squeeze out the excess immediately, then launder as usual. (If the item is dry-clean only, leave it for the pros.)

2. Bath Soak
Add 1 cup of milk to a tub of warm water before you slip in to zone out. The lactic acid in milk softens skin –so it really does a body good!

3. Shoe Shine
Moisten a cloth with milk and buff dull patent leather back to gleaming glory – minus harsh polish fumes.

4. Burn Soother
Curling-iron mishap? Cover minor burns with a washcloth soaked in whole milk. The fat in the milk calms inflammation and helps skin heal.

5. Plant Rescuer
Mix 1 part milk with 9 parts water and spray on plants dotted with powdery mildew. Repeat weekly to keep leaves fungus-free.


31 Uses For Baking Soda

Baking soda can do a lot more than just sit in the back of the fridge. Try these easy tips and put baking soda to work in every room of your house!

1. Skip produce washes—just put some baking soda on a damp sponge, scrub and rinse.

2. Soak hair brushes and combs in a mixture of 1 teaspoon baking soda and a small amount of warm water. Rinse and dry.

3. Before you store your patio furniture for the season...SEE MORE HERE!
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