Fun On The Farm

I do a web site for a friend that raises, shows & sells registered pygmy goats.  I had mentioned several times how cute they were and that I'd love to have one just for a pet.  Well...she called me the other day and said for me to come pick out my goats.  So I went over and checked out all the babies she had and finally settled on a brother and sister.  They are only 2 1/2 weeks old so it will still be a few weeks before I can bring them home but I took the granddaughters over to let them see and here is the video:


Flower Pounding, gardener’s stress relief

I came across this article  by Kathleen M. Tenpas and thought it very interesting, hope you do too!

Flower Pounding, gardener’s stress relief or dyeing with your garden’s bounty? Ah, perhaps a bit of both. The natural pigments pounded into properly prepared fabric can make a lovely piece of art, and allow you to let off a little steam at the same time.  Read more....


The Physical Side of Stress

The effects of stress on your emotional and physical health may be worse than you thought.  Go to Every Day Health and check this article out!



Sometimes you feel like a nut...Sometimes you don't

I have to apologize to my faithful followers...I have been remiss in my posting and I hope to remedy that.  Sometimes life gives you lemons...and I know what they say but....I don't like lemonade. Sometimes you just have to step away and drift for a while.  That's where I've been...just drifting...and watching this crazy world go by.  As my friends tell me...I must be doing something the devil doesn't like cause he seems to be at ever turn I make.  That's OK!  He didn't win over 2000 years ago and he's not going to win now cause I know the one that can make him tremble...Jesus!  That's all I need to know!

I should have some good "fodder" to post about soon!  We are in the process of getting ready for our new arrivals.  My daughter-in-law is getting some chickens and I'm getting pygmy goats!  That should go well with the neighbors pigs!  That's another story too!!!!  LOL

Well...till I get my posting in order...Later and keep the Faith!  I plan to!!!!
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