Going Green?!

OK. Everyone is trying to "Go Green" today so here are some new uses, or should we say re-purposed ideas, for old leftovers I found in the December 2008 Woman's World magazine. I was quite surprised!!!!

1. Lemons: When cooking hands you lemons, turn them into a cleaning powerhouse! Toss the rinds from those squeezed-out citrus fruits into your garbage disposal, give it a whirl and you'll have a fresh-smelling sink in seconds.

2. Onion Halves: It's easy to get your indoor grill sparkling with the cut side of an onion! Simply stick a fork in one end and rub the onion on the still-warm grate. It contains chemicals that scrub off stuck-on bits.

3. Coffee Grounds: Make fireplace cleanup easy! Sprinkle still-damp coffee grounds over ashes before you scoop them up--you'll prevent dust from getting everywhere!

4. Orange Peels: Keep a strip of orange peel (about 3" will do) in your box of brown sugar. The rind keeps the sweet stuff from hardening into a brick, so baking is a breeze!

5. Flat Soda: Cola lost its fizz? Turn it into a ham glaze! Use it to baste the pork as it bakes, and you'll end up with a sweet and juicy treat.

6. Cooked Rice: Spread leftover rice on a cookie sheet and set it in a low-temp oven until completely dry. Then place in a resealable plastic bag, store in the freezer, and you've got a cold pack to help ease any aches and pains.

written by Amanda Prost

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