A Mothers' Grieving Heart

As a mother my greatest fear is the loss of one of my children. I've lost my mother and father and other family members but as much as that hurt I can't imagine losing a child.

Unfortunately, there are mothers all over the world today grieving the loss of a child and my heart grieves with them. There is one mother in particular that is grieving today, she is a fellow blogger. Her son Nick passed away on Sunday, November 30 after a long battle with brain cancer.

Nicks' battle is chronicled in his blog and his mothers'. Please take time to visit her site and leave a word of encouragement to her and the family. It is a sad but heartwarming story.

Tammys' blog
Nicks' blog

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Tammy said...

Losing a child is the most unbearable thing. We lost a baby about 6 years ago and it still hurts.

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