We Be Friends

We be friends, you and I,
You smile, I smile,
You cry, I cry,
You jump off a bridge,
I gonna miss you!

This is Lilly and Tipper...best buds!


Pastor "B" said...

Loved the "we be friends "artcile Mary! So cute! Also love the Valentine's candy "purse" with the Hershey Chocolate! I need about fifty of them!
Great Utube video! You get hooked with the songs then comes the punch line! great! great! great!

Jenny said...

How precious! So cute all snuggled down together. Nobody told them cats and dogs don't get along.

And I just saw my button and wanted to say thanks for adding it!

MakingMoney said...

Aww how cute! The cat is almost as big as the dog in this photo.

MySweetThree said...

They are so cute!!!

AGK said...

Aren't they so sweet!

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