Today we celebrate "World Cat Day"! Now I'm an animal lover, but I have a special place in my heart for cats (at one time I had 20) =0. I don't have the time or the space to list them all but there were MANY and they were, and still are, loved very much. As I sit here now, Tipper is on the printer beside me, I hear someone in the living room playing, Prissy is in her "room" and Lacy is probably on the prowl somewhere. I dread the day when one of them must cross the rainbow bridge because they are all very special to me. They help me keep my sanity! They comfort me when I'm sad or lonely. They try to feed me when they think I can't get out and hunt for myself (I could do without that =[. And they cuddle with me and keep me warm when I don't feel good. They don't judge me or talk back...they accept me for who I am and all they ask in return is to be loved and fed. If you are a cat owner, give them something special today and let them know they are special to you.

This is Pepper (sometimes referred to as "mean kitty" because she likes to boss the others around. When she was about 8 weeks old someone threw her out of a car window as they drove by and we rescued her.
This is Lacy. She is the shy one.
Next is Tipper. She loves to talk to you and loves to cuddle. She got her name because the tip of her tail was black when she was born. It's kinda gray now.
Last, but not least, is Prissy. She is the mother of Tipper and sister of Lacy and she lives up to her name!
Happy "World Cat Day" kitters!

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BeadedTail said...

Happy World Cat! Cats are certainly very special and Pepper, Lacy, Tipper, and Prissy are all adorable! Pepper does look like my Isabella!

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