Today is the first day of school around here and I've been watching many of the moms on Twitter and Face Book commenting on how they feel about their child's first day, either preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, Middle School and High School. I think it's interesting to notice where moms experience their emotional surges!!! It happens at all the "firsts". Now don't get me wrong, I went thru the same emotions...I'm a mom! But as I was thinking about what I was watching it made me wonder..."Why don't we get that emotional about every step our children make"? Are they not just as important? I hear the moms say that they are "sad". I can't really say that what I felt was sadness. Maybe I'm just different...I feel (or felt) "pride". Pride that my children were growing and learning and becoming a person that might just do something that could...cure cancer! The possibilities are endless! The tears I cried weren't tears of sadness, rather tears of joy watching this miracle that God had entrusted to me making such great and wonderful strides. I also had fear! Fear that someone would be mean to, or hurt, my child. Yes...I had all those emotions just like all moms do...but I'm here to tell you that you, and they, will survive. Over the years to come you will do and see mind-boggling things. Just encourage them and watch them...it will 'BLOW YOU AWAY" to see what they become. To watch this child, your child, grow into an adult and become what God intended them to be is AWESOME! I know it's hard to see it now, and time flies, but one day you will look up and see these amazing people standing in front of you and say "WOW! Look what God did"!

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Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I really apreciate this post.. Very well said. My little girl starts preschool after labor day, so in a couple of weeks...And what I am feeling is not sadness.. I mean, I think that is mixed in there a little.. but I am more proud and excited for her to begin her journey of learning in school.. and she is just so excited.. I really am just proud and excited to watch this little girl grow more and more everyday!

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