Recycle Fun

Is it just me or are plastic shopping bags like rabbits...they seem to multiply over night!!!!! At least that's the way it is at my house. In a discussion about this fact one day, a friend commented that his mother crocheted the plastic shopping bags into hats. I was intrigued so I started searching for information and came up with several ideas to keep these pesky items out of the landfill.

Market Bag
Dog Bed

I have found several sites that show hats but have been unable to find the patterns. If you know of other crafty ideas for plastic shopping bags let me know.


Nicole said...

The dog bed is a great idea--I had never though of that! Thanks!

Felicia said...

These are really cool ideas!

You have an award to pick up here:


Jenny said...

I've seen some projects made by fusing the plastics bags into a thicker "material" and then sewing it into a bag or other items. Like here.

Lynn said...

That market bag is so cute! I wonder how hard it is to work with those plastic bags . . . Thanks for the inspiration.

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