Make Something Monday

OK...so I'm unemployed and, after a few weeks to catch up on stuff around the house, I now have too much time on my hands. Here is my "Stuff": I made another cap (ball cap style), a dish cloth (shape of a star and the middle is made of plastic shopping bags and creates a "scrubby", and last but not least a decorative scarf (only about 2 inches wide and I've woven ribbon thru the spaces). I love creating with my hands but it doesn't pay the bills. I gotta find a job! LOL Enjoy!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

These are cute as usual. I like how you incorporated the plastic bags into the dishcloth to make it have a scrubby center. I do wish I could crochet, but not quite enough to take up learning a new craft right now with two toddlers in the house! Maybe someday...

Have you considered Etsy at all for selling some things? You might be able to make a little money off doing something you like.

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