Mom Time in '09 entry

What is it that you do (did) to take time for yourself? Well....about 26 years ago, when I had 2 rambunctious, inquisitive kids at home, I would escape to the bathroom and close and lock the door! (sometime the only ME time I could get) LOL I also took a long soakie bath with candles and music (used to muffle the little voices at the door wanting to know what I was doing and to ask hundreds of questions). Advice to the younger moms...TAKE THE TIME!... it doesn't make you a bad mom for wanting to be away from the kids so don't fall into the guilt trap. A good mom knows when she needs ME time. It will make her a better mom. Been There, Done That...didn't get a T-shirt but wouldn't change anything.

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1 comment:

Felicia said...

Aren't we cute? I can't believe that you tried to hide from us! JK!!!!

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