WIP/MSM - Tree Of Life Afghan

Here is my latest project. It's called the Tree Of Life Afghan. It has about 8 pages of instructions so this may take a while.
Here is my start. The trees are done in multiples of 48 stitches so my base is 145 stitches using a size H-8 crochet hook.  Somewhere along the pattern it changes to a J-10 hook so this should be interesting.  Wish me luck!


Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh, beautiful!

Once I learned to crochet-years ago- and all I made was a long long long "string" *laugh* - wait, now that I think about it, I did crochet some pot holders...

Anonymous said...

WOWZERS!!!! That is simply beautiful!!!!

Marie Anne said...

Oh, thank you for posting the pattern picture here. That is incredible, and can't wait to see how yours comes along.

You won't catch me tackling something that intricate!

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