WIP Wednesday

Last Wednesday I had started a project called the "Tree of Life" afaghan.  Well...I haven't gotten too much farther but here is where I am right now.
So, I've started another project...this is the start of a "News Boy" hat.  I've made several of these and every time someone sees it they want one. Mostly children like them but there is a very sweet lady (could be my grandmother) in our choir.  She saw one that I had made for a little girl in our congregation and was talking about how cute it was and how she loved hats...(hint, hint).  Well...I'm gonna make her one!  I'm such a softie!!!!!!

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Marie Anne said...

I'd love to see this 'Tree of Life' as you go along. Sounds very pretty!

Thanks for playing along on WIP Wednesday!

(Your link has an error, but I'll fix it).

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