OH NO…School Is Closed Again!

We've heard this a lot this winter and what a winter we've had!   I’ve heard people say they moved to North Carolina because they heard we had mild winters.  HA!  Who told them that? Also heard someone say we had never had this much snow.  Again…HA!  I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  In 1960 some areas had as much as 60 inches of snow.  Now that's deep!  I should know...I was 8 years old and couldn't go outside because I would disappear in the snow!!!!!

To this date Buncombe County has missed more school than the State has allotted so now we are looking at Saturday School and classes up into June!!!!  Bummer.

As a mother, and grandmother, I understand the frustration.  Been there, done that...but some of the comments on Twitter and Face Book really have me wondering.  Are parents upset because they have to deal with the children at home...or...are they mad because it may mess up their summer vacation?????  It sure doesn’t sound like they are concerned about the safety of the children.

I'm certainly glad that someone is concerned for the safety of the children!  I'd much rather they err on the side of caution than see the results of a school bus accident due to ice.

As a child I was on a school bus that hit a patch of ice and slid out of the road and was tilted at the edge of an embankment just waiting to flip over and roll down to the bottom.  We were trapped there for SEVERAL hours before they could rescue us! I remember thinking I was going to die!!!  No child should ever be in that situation!!!!

Someone at our school board had deemed the roads to be in good shape and had not closed or delayed school that day.  They had not taken into account that some areas and roads might be in worse condition than the main roads so therefore everything was good.

Thanks you Buncombe County School Board for being concerned for the safety of our children. I know it's not an easy job!  Saturday and Summer School isn't what we were hoping for and I may have to change some of my plans...but I'd much rather have my child in school than in the hospital or in a grave!

I’ll get off my soap box now!

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