What red-blooded female doesn't like jewelry????  Especially FREE jewelry.  I found a great site that has beautiful jewelry and you can get some of it for FREE.  I tried it and here is what I paid:
Sub Total:    $276.79
Shipping:     $26.33
Insurance:    $1.10
Discount:     $276.79
Total:        $27.43

The jewelry is beautiful and the company is very easy to work with.  The company is Darcus Tori.  When you check out there is a place for a promo code.  Use "0704" and "0801".  You can use them both on the same order.  Choose the pieces that you would like to have, enter 1 code then go back and enter the 2nd code.  You will quickly see what items were not covered under the codes and you can remove them from your order...or keep them if you like!  They come in gift boxes too!

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