Cleaning House

Do you like to clean house? I don't...but it's one of those necessary evils you can't deny so I'm always looking for ways to make it quicker and easier.

My children are grown and have families of their own now but I would have given my right arm for a Hoover FloorMATE(tm) when they were babies. It seemed that no matter how often I mopped the floor, when they were in the crawling stage, their pants would always have dirty knees and the bottom of my socks would be dirty too. This meant that my floors weren't clean and then the guilt trip would start. "O NO...I'm a horrible mother."

One day, while using one of those old string mops...UCK, I started thinking about what I was doing. I realized the only time that mop was clean was when I used it for the first time. After that, no matter how well you rinsed it out, it was still dirty. So I tried rinsing it in bleach. YEAH...that would clean it and kill the germs too! NOT. Oh it did clean and kill for the moment but as soon as you used it again you were back to dirt and germs again. Not only that, but once you made the first strokes on the floor and then rinsed it out to go again... you were only moving the dirt around on the floor where it would stay and wait on some friends to join. I was never going to get the dirt off my floor!!! So I lived with it and did the best I could.

Now with the arrival of grandchildren I again found myself with the thought of dirty knees on pants. One day, while browsing through Walmart, I spotted something that gave me hope. It was the Hoover FloorMATE (tm). It could be used to both vacuum dry debris and wet clean non-carpeted floor surfaces such as vinyl, tile and sealed wood. It was a wet/dry vacuum with little scrubbing brushes. That meant it would scrub my floor and then vacuum the water AND the dirt off the floor. The floor was almost dry when you were done. How many times have you mopped a floor and then realized there was something in that room that you needed? So here you go tippy-toeing across the wet floor, leaving behind MORE dirt and risking the possibility that you will fall and go boom (as I usually did).

I purchased my FloorMATE(tm) and hurried home to do battle. My kitchen floor had a raised design and had become dingy over the years. With great anticipation I unpacked my toy, read the directions and went to work. Now I am slightly skeptical about new products and have to see appreciable results before I will get excited and tell others about it. WOW! Suddenly my floors started to brighten up and the dirty water container started to fill up with BLACK water. I was appalled and ecstatic at the same time. OMG that came off my floor???? My floors were finally clean and I was pouring the dirt out and not leaving it on my floor!!!

Long story short - I would recommend this product to everybody that wants a nice clean floor, especially those that have, or will have, babies on the floor. Doesn't matter what kind of mop you are using, you are still only moving dirty water around on your floors. I will never use a mop again!!!!


Felicia said...

Mom! This is a great post! You were the best mom...remember... God made dirt and dirt don't hurt! LOL!

Go Graham Go!

Felicia said...

And still are the best mom....

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