WIP Wednesday

Growing up in the 50s one of my earliest memories was of playing under the quilting frame while my grandmother and her neighbors worked on a new quilt.  It made a great play house and I could pick up the needles and things that were dropped.  I miss my grandmother and those days.

Those quilts are long gone so I've decided to make a quilt for my brothers.  Here is the first one I have started.  The new quilt frames are nothing like my grandmother had but they are convenient.  I'll let you know how it goes.


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Mary! It looks beautiful already! I have a quilt started, but since moving, I'm afraid it will be sometime before I set up my sewing machine again, just yet anyways. I look forward to when I can though!.. One of my favorite movies is "How to make an American Quilt"... Have you seen it? I only had the VHS, and now would LOVE to order the DVD, if I can find it. ~tina

Marie Anne said...

Learning to quilt is one of my goals, but I'm not sure it will ever be realized. I envy you!

Thanks for playing along on WIP Wednesday. If you look at my blog again and grab the code under Rosie's picture and paste it into your blog post, it will direct others to come over and play.


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