Make Something Monday

Happy New Year everybody!  "Baby, It's Cold Outside"...Brrrr...here in WNC we have had some of the coldest weather we've had since 1977.  That was the year my mother died and I remember it clearly.  We didn't have that much snow but the temperature stayed so low that the ground was frozen solid about 3 or 4 feet down.  There was even a question of whether they would be able to break the ground for the grave.  That was January 20, 1977. But back to something happy...a little girl in my church saw one of the Newsboy caps I had made and mentioned to her mother she wished she had one.  Someone overheard her wish and came to me...so...for Christmas I made her one.  I wish I had taken my camera.  Her reaction was priceless and worth the time it took to make it.  She has red hair and wanted a pink hat.

I let her mother give it to her...she first looked at in in disbelief, then excitement.  She quickly jammed it on her head with the bill to one side.  It reminded me of one of the "Little Rascals" kids.  She started bouncing up and down on the pew (we were at church for Christmas play practice) and then quickly grabbed the hat off.  The static caused her hair to poof out like a cotton ball.  I thought I'd fall over laughing.  She clutched the hat and hugged it and proceeded to show it to her dad and everyone around her.

Make Something Monday!!!  I did make something...a hat...but the best "thing" was the memory it made for me.  Watching the joy of a little girl receiving something she really wanted was a memory I'll never forget.

Memories...some you'd rather forget and some you'll cherish forever!

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Felicia said...

Sweet story! Cute hat!

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