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In 2007, a team of French scientists published research demonstrating that the two most common childhood cancers – leukemia and lymphoma – are overwhelmingly correlated to prenatal exposure to toxic chemicals used inside the home.

For women, groundbreaking research has also recently provided data to demonstrate a strong correlation between common household chemicals and the dramatic rise in breast and female cancers during the past decades. Regular contact with these chemicals – which are called “hormone disruptors” because they mimic natural estrogens – exposes women to increased risk of developing a female cancer.

Today we are more aware of these facts than a few years ago and are doing what we can to remove as much of the chemicals and preservatives from our lives as we can.

Mothers today are especially more conscious of what they expose their family to.  I've watched my daughter scrutinize everything that her son touches, or consumes, since before he was born.  I've even been taken to task from time to time about what I've given him and things I have in the house.  I don't blame her.  I did the very same thing when she was little except there wasn't as much information out there on products as there is today.

When I was asked by ecostoreusa.com to try some of their products, I jumped at the chance.  Eco Store USA is an extension of a 20 year old New Zealand company www.ecostore.co.nz which makes plant based, non-toxic Household Cleaning, Baby, Personal Care and Pet Products that contain No Nasty Chemicals(tm).  All of their products are made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, free of toxic chemicals that bring people closer to nature with non-toxic, environmentally safe solutions that also help to reduce their carbon footprint and no animals are used for testing in producing these products.

I decided to try the Lemongrass Soap.  The first thing I noticed was the pleasant light fragrance of lemongrass.  One of the things I've noticed about some of the "Eco" or "natural" soaps...there is no lather!  When I take my bath I want soapy lather and bubbles...lots of bubbles.  The ecostore Lemongrass soap was wonderful.  There was lather and bubbles.  It left a very clean feel and smell to my skin.  They also offer Coconut, Manuka Honey & Kelp and Vanilla Soap.  I can't wait to try the others.  O yes...they have a Baby Soap too.  Mom....you gotta try this.  With no harsh chemicals and no strong fragrance this soap is perfect for people, or babies, with sensitive skin.

Since I am an animal lover I decided to try the Pet Shampoo too.  I own a Corgi named Lilly.  I guess I take Lilly to the groomers about every 2 months and they do a good job, but after using the Pet Shampoo on her at home my husband remarked that her fur looked much better than when she went to the groomers.  I have to admit, her coat did look much healthier than it had in a long time.  Very fluffy and shiney.  As I said before, I like lather and bubbles and the Pet Shampoo had both.  And, because it has no chemicals or soap it's tearless.  That was great because I was always afraid I would get the shampoo in her eyes before.  I would recommend the Pet products to any Pet lover.  They offer Ear Wash, Herbal Fresh Shampoo (that's what I tried), Hypoallergenic Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner.

Now, you don't have to take my word for it on these great,  "green", eco-friendly products.  You can win a $25 gift card, and free shipping, to try them for yourself.  Here's what you do:

First, go to ecostoreusa.com and sign up for their "No Nasty Chemical Newsletter".  Leave me post to let me know you did it, remember to leave me your email address.  Second, tell me what product/products you are most interested in and leave me a post. Finally, follow them on Twitter @ecostoreusa  and/or FaceBook and leave me another post.  That gives you three chances to win.  This offer ends December 4th so get busy and good luck.

Resources for further reading:

    * www.ChemTrust.org.uk
    * www.EnvironmentalHealthNews.org
    * www.ReallyNatural.com
    * www.ChemicalsHealthMonitor.org
    * www.Env-Health.org

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