Why are people so mean?

My friend Amanda had Monica Trujillo Hall at http://monicatrujillo.com/1726/business-card-marketing-101 do business cards for her and they turned out beautiful. That's not the problem. The problem is that Ms. Trujillo used the card on her site with all Amanda's personal info displayed. Most sites that sell business cards just display a "shell" with generic info on them...not a real persons personal info. When Ms. Trujillo was asked to change this...that's all that was asked, just to either blur or put generic info on the card she was displaying, she responded like this:

"Monica Trujillo Hall September 16 at 10:33am Report

Seriously? OMG It's a business card, YOU ...GIVE THEM TO STRANGERS!?!

You know Mary, I have done my best, to stay away from Amanda, and the whole crew at SL. I did some work for free and I expect to use it in my portfolio. I don't appreciate you getting involved. I think it's rude. So please excuse me if you think the following is rude:

At this point I am really irritated by the pettiness. We are talking about Amanda I seriously doubt she has to worry about a stalker.

Please remove me as a FB friend and Ill do the same... Sorry it had to be this way I really don't need the drama and I am extremely busy.

. . . M"

Now...my friend Amanda was attacked and stabbed by a stalker when she was younger and she is, understandably, concerned that this person, or someone else, could find her information. If other sites can display cards without personal info...why not Ms. Trujillo? She claims to be a Christian too. Her response was not appropriate for a business person much less a Christian. I know I won't be using her services and will not recommend her to others unless, of course, you don't care to have your personal information posted on the web!

I pray that God blesses her richly, but I choose to "Boycott" business that have no ethics.

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BeadedTail said...

Wow! I don't even know what to say. It's fine she uses it in her portfolio but generic information should be used in place of Amanda's - or anyone's for that matter. Kinda scary.

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