In today's economy everyone is trying to find ways to save money. Here is one that my Grandmother thought of over 40 years ago. Seems that it has been revived recently.

What do you do with all those slivers of soap that get too small to hold on to? I know most of us just pitch them and get a new bar of soap. My Mother used to save them and melt them together to create another bar but that was really messy. I like my Grandmother solution better. She crocheted a little bag that you could put your slivers into and still use them. You also got a wash cloth or body scrubber at the same time. So here is my "Soap Saver"!
You can also put a new bar of soap in it! Wash and Loofah at the same time!!!


BeadedTail said...

That's a great idea! I have been buying handmade soap so don't like to waste any of them. This idea will come in handy!

JamericanSpice said...

In my country we'd pound the soaps together and add a top of warm water and leave it in the sun in either a round or square shape to dry and then we'd have a huge piece of soap to use again for a long time. It would be multicolored too :)

We did this at the orphanage alot too otherwise we wouldn't have soap all the time.

I love your idea! I will use it. Thanks for sharing.

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