Mouth Watering Apple Cake!!!

I have a lot of Twitter friends and I truly enjoy exchanging information with them.  I have one such friend on Twitter that you really need to meet!  You can find her at @Freshapplecake.  One thing I've learned about her is that she actually makes Fresh Apple Cakes!  OH and are they ever good!!!!!  She contacted me the other day and asked if I'd like to have a Fresh Apple Cake.  Food...you don't have to ask me twice....of course I wanted one of her cakes.  So today I received my luscious goody!!!  Here's what it looked like when I got it.....

First of all it looked wonderful.  But best of all......it melted in your mouth!!!!!  OMG!  And here's what it looks like now....think it's time for a trip to Maggie Valley!!!!
They are called Mrs. Millers Apple Cake's and they are delicious.  They are handmade and distributed in Maggie Valley, North Carolina and are sold there locally.  So if you're ever in that area make sure to look for them and stock up.  However, you can go to their web sight and get more information about this wonderful cake and the family behind it.  Mrs. Miller is now in her 80's but her daughter, Susan (@Freshapplecakes), is continuing the tradition.

Her son wrote a song about his mom's cakes and they made a really cute video.  Check it out!  Hope you enjoy.   Mrs. Millers Apple Cake's can be ordered on line and they sure would make wonderful, tasty gifts!!!!


Mrs Millers Apple Cake said...

We are thrilled you enjoyed your ORIGINAL Mrs Millers Apple Cake..I promised Mom I would try and get her cake out to as many deserving customers I could this season and from observing you on twitter I picked you as one whom I would give our cake too..instead of selling...Mom thought so too! We knew you would surely be grateful for it and kind in return to write some very special words as you have here.
Thank you kindly and God Bless you ..as always..A Mother Knos best!! :))
Susan & Nancy Miller

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

It looks delicious! Thank you for the links!

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