Couponing Adventures

I've been unemployed for almost a year and a half.  Almost at the same time my husbands company cut his salary by 10%, so I'm looking for any way to save money and cut cost.  I used to use coupons quite a lot but then it kinda fell by the wayside when the children left home and we had 2 incomes.  Well, it's time to resurrect the coupons again.

One of the best ways I've found to get back into the practice of using coupons is by following as many of the "Coupon Divas" as possible.  Once such "Diva" is Kitty at coupondivas.com.  Here is my first attempt at using some of her tricks:
Doesn't look like much but I was proud of my accomplishment.  I went to Walgreen's for the purpose of the Prevacid. (My husband lives on this stuff)  I had never heard of "piggy backing" coupons until I started following Kitty but IT WORKS!

Now the Prevacid, by it's self would have been $21.99 but I had a coupon for $6 off and Walgreen's had the 28ct on sale for 19.99 so I only paid $13.99 and (as you can see) I received another coupon for $10 off on the 48ct.  Come on 48ct sale!!!!!

The Life Savers Jellybeans were on sale 2/$4 and I had a $1 off the purchase of 2 so I got my Jellybeans 2 for $3.

The Cadbury Mini Eggs were on sale 2/$5 with a WG coupon for $1 off which brought them to 2/$4.  Well I did some searching online and found a coupon for $2 off on the purchase of 3. WOW, I managed to get 3 bags for less than 1 bag at the original price!!!! YEAH

Needless to say it takes some work and planning to accomplish this but it's really worth it.  Hopefully I'll get better at it and be able to survive this economy.  Hopefully I'll find a job SOON!

There are other blogs that have a lot of information on how to save money.  Here are a few:

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Kathryn Magendie said...

I LOVE coupons. I don't know if they still do this (GMR does most of the grocery shopping now) but some stores used to have double coupons - oohhh ohhhhh ohhhh! *laugh*

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