Well, I didn't make anything but I have been fixing something!  If you have boys around the house you know how rough they can been on their clothes.  My Son works for a maintenance company and has a tendency to wear out his blue jeans rapidly.  SO...I come home from the store one day and find a pair of jeans laying on the table.  I pick them up and WHOA!!!  There was more hole than jean left...LOL.  My DH says "I think he wants you to patch them"!!!!!!!!!   ROFL  There isn't enough material left to patch!!!!  But, Mom does what she can!  Here is a before and after picture of some of the repair work.  I'm having to do it in phases because I'm having to use a mix of sewing and gluing to get them back together.  What we do for our children!   LOL

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shydub said...

You are the best Mother Mary, you fixed it. My husband has a jeans like that and i can't fix it.

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