Furndents - those pesky spots left in the carpet when you move the furniture. NOW here is how to fix them:

If there are dents in your carpet where furniture has been placed and you've moved it, get your steam iron out. Hold it an inch or two above the carpet (do not let it touch the carpet) over the dent and press the steam button several times. Allow the steam to hit the carpet dent. Then fluff up fibers with your fingers.


Jenny said...

I've also read that if you put an ice cube in them, the moisture will help it fluff back up when it melts.

How do you know you've spent too much time blogging and blog-hopping? You start dreaming about it! I had a dream last night that I visited your blog and it was completely different. The header said something about blog design and the colors were still all the same, but all the fun posts were gone and just filled with gobbledy gook I couldn't make out! Glad to see you are still here here. LOL


Nicole Orriƫns said...

Great tip! It is annoying when the furniture leaves marks.


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