Lighter Side of Thanksgiving

When you think about Thanksgiving Day what comes to your mind? Family, Food and Football! Am I right?

From the invention of TV Thanksgiving Day took on new meaning, especially for the men in the house. And this new ritual was passed down and ingrained into all the male offspring as a passage of life. Every Thanksgiving Day all the male species of the tribe would go into the "man cave" and gather around this electronic wonder we call TV. There they would have thought-provoking conversations and watch this educational program called "Football". LOL Not even the youngest male in the house was immune to this ritual.

My fondest memories are of being at my grandmothers house with the WHOLE family there. All the aunts, uncles and cousins with a few others thrown in just for good measure. All of the women were in the kitchen cooking and fixing while all the men were in the living room gathered around the TV watching a football game. The children were scattered throughout the house and the yard playing and giving no thought to the issues of the day except to run into the kitchen from time to time asking "when do we eat". Those were the days!

(Let me give you a little history right here - I am 16 years older than my baby brother {mother had a built-in babysitter} and the oldest grandchild. The picture is of my family about that time.)

One particular Thanksgiving day we were all at grandmothers house going through the usual "ritual". My brother was about 2 years old and was being a "PAIN" (as baby brothers usually are), so mother told me to amuse him, so we went outside.

Now grandmother had chickens and it was amusing, especially to a 2 year old, to throw things in the fence and see the chickens run to see what it was. So needless to say I was letting him amuse himself. LOL

One of the hens had a brood of chicks that couldn't have been more than a few days old. Just cute little yellow puff balls and of course she was trying to teach them how to find food. So here I am out in the yard trying to keep my little brother out of trouble. Grandfather comes along and pulls up this big clump of weeds with a bunch of dirt still attached to the bottom of this clump. He gives it a toss into the chicken lot and, boy howdy, chickens everywhere!!!!!

My brother is just amazed with this frenzy of chickens trying to get at this clump of dirt and is all excited about it when, all at once, this one little chick comes running out from under all this mess of chickens with a bug he had found. Right behind him came all his brothers and sisters, and a few others, all trying to get his new found prize. Well the race in on! The one chick trying to keep away from the others, and the others trying to chase him down to share in the prize.

By this time my brother is so excited he can hardly contain himself. He's jumping up and down and flapping his arms when suddenly he screams...."He's gonna get a touch down, he's gonna get a touch down"!!!!!!!!! OMG ROFL

Hey dad...don't think they aren't watching and listening!

*Dedicated to my baby brother TO (he's the one in dads' lap)*


Jolly Mom said...

What a funny and heartwarming story! My dad was telling us some stories tonight about his mom's farm. They had chickens too and one time they mistakenly had 10,000 baby chicks delivered and dropped off at their home!

Mary Ruby said...

OMG...10,000!!!!! And I thought 12 was a herd! LOL

Felicia said...

That is such a funny story! I wonder if Tony is still a football lover?

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